Celebrate Your Birthday in a Very Big Way With Our Unique Yard Displays That Will Make Your Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Delivery and Pick-up?

We deliver yard decoration greetings after 8:00pm, and pick them up the following evening after dusk.

Are your lawn cards for purchase or rent?

These fun greetings are for rent. We'll take care of everything including delivery, set-up, and then return when the special day is over to retrieve everything. It's easy peasy! You don't have to do a thing.

What does your price include?

Delivery, set-up, rental for the day, and then our return to collect everything.

How long do we get to keep our lawn card?

Usually for the day. We arrive the night before and will be as stealthy and quiet as possible during the set-up. When the sun rises on your big day, your greeting will be ready to surprise everyone. We will then pick up after dusk that evening, unless you have made arrangements for an extended rental.

Any tips or tricks?

If the weather has been dry and you are having the greeting delivered to your own yard, it can be helpful if you water the grass before we get there. The softer the ground is while we are doing the installation, the quicker (and quieter) we will be which helps keep it a surprise.

Hazardous Conditions

We cannot make yard greeting deliveries during severe, hazardous weather conditions (i.e. lightning storm, flooding, etc.). We will attempt to reschedule, or a full refund will be issued.

What if I need to move the display?

Please don't. Instead, give us a call at (636) 242-1444 and we'll be happy to come and get the display. These custom signs are expensive and to avoid damaging the signs or the stakes, please allow us to remove them for you.

Can I add balloons to the display?

Unfortunately no. Balloons have a habit of popping and when the sun bakes the broken latex onto the signs it tends to stain and damage the signs.

What if I need to mow my yard?

Please take care when mowing around the sign and avoid trimming close to the base of the signs. Weed whackers/eaters and other cutting machinery may damage our signs.

Any legal mumbo jumbo?

You bet! Upon renting a yard greeting from Get Noodled, the renter agrees that Get Noodled will be able to retrieve the display, at the end of the rental period, in the same condition as received. Also, the Renter agrees to take full responsibility for the display during the rental period. Renter agrees to indemnify Get Noodled for all personal and/or property damage while the display is in the Renter’s care and custody, during the rental period. The Renter will be responsible for any damage caused by moving the display, mowers, weed whackers, balloons, etc.

How much notice do you need?

We would like at least 48 hours’ notice but rentals are based on availability so if you wait until the last minute, your date might already be filled.